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Erg Chigaga Morocco Dunes

 Erg Chigaga Dunes Sahara desert Morocco – what is the right plan to experience it?

What is it that attracts us to the magnitude of the Erg Chigaga dunes at Morocco Sahara Desert? The puddles of sand. Where does it spark from, this longing to gaze at wave after wave of sand disappearing on the horizon?… All else irrelevant. There, on top of the highest dune. Minutes ago, you were cresting the dunes on the back of a camel. Presently, you are sitting down and conjuring all the majesty of saffron dunes, changing color as the sun gradually sinks. Nothing compares to waking up at night with the Milky Way above you and falling back asleep. And perhaps, the desert, because of its solitude, is what makes the locals more welcoming. 

Here, by the dunes of Erg Chigaga at Morocco Sahara desert, despite all the apparent poverty, water runs just below the surface, a secret well kept under layers of sand. The desert also makes grown-ups children again. The most reserved of persons can’t resist the urge to climb up the highest dune and jump in the sand, the face lit with a wide childish grin. 

The dunes that makeup Erg Chigaga are exciting and steep. Days are long and hot in these isolated dunes, making them perfect for exploring.

Erg Chegaga Dunes

You can sit among the dunes to watch the sun prepare for the day as it rises from a seemingly endless ocean of sand. Later, climb up to watch that same sun tuck in for the night, dipping below an awe-inspiring horizon filled with shades of orange, pink, and yellow.

Tourism is scanty here, so Erg Chigaga feels isolated and savage, with few wanderers crossing paths and small campsites to settle into for the night. An unearthly quality lends itself to the entire region, leaving adventurers feeling as if they’re exploring Saturn or another bracingly beautiful sun-kissed planet from another galaxy.

Nights can be frigid, even after long hot days, and grains of sand can pick up and collect into whirlwinds; With rapid speed, causing visitors to clutch their headscarves around their faces.

Know Before You Go To Erg Chigaga Dunes 

You need to have a 4wd vehicle to traverse these dunes Erg Chigaga. Remain informed that the weather can turn at any given time. From the oasis town of MHamid; It’s about 60 KLM to the actual dunes, so it may be best to join a journey or hire a guide, as the desert is no place to just wing it; From Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakech; Then you will need to follow one of our Morocco desert tours