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3 Day Camel Trek Morocco

Best 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco in Sahara Desert at Mhamid


The best 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco in the Sahara is trekking in the desert of Mhamid; With the Berbers, nomads, and a caravan of camels. These 3-days camel trekking excursions can be longer: To Enjoy than a Sahara camel trekking tour during your visit or a stay in the best Morocco Sahara desert.

Well, this 3 Day Camel Desert trekking; Is the most popular way to explore the Mhamid desert; Cross then the best Morocco Sahara desert on a  camel convoy and experience the nomadic Bedouin lifestyle.

Enjoy then the evening around a campfire in the Morocco Sahara desert; Traditionally built Bedouin wild camp dinner of nomad cuisine and revel in the magic of this unique setting in the desert under the stars.

While your 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco, do not forget to try camel trekking and you will love the experience. On this 3 days Camel trek in the Sahara desert, it is the time then of riding on camelback and traveling to different areas; Used to provide camel rides to the tourists and provide them a memorable experience.

Best 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco

Several options for booking a Morocco camel trek in Mhamid, the principal of camel trekking in Mhamid, Morocco; However your tolerance for being outdoors you should reserve according to your level of adventure. But if you just want to get a feel for the Morocco desert; Then a one-night camel trek should satisfy you. Then you will probably spend a total of 2 or 3 hours camel trek; Which should be enough if you just want the experience of camel riding and a general feel of the whole idea of being in the best Morocco desert. However, some of this desert trip will include some rides in a 4WD to get you in and out of the big Morocco Sahara desert.

Please note that you could; Start your dream Morocco camel trekking tour from Marrakech, Zagora, Casablanca, Ouarzazate, Agadir, Tangier, or from other cities.

Other Options

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3 Day Camel Trek Morocco Highlights

  • 1. Discover the Sahara
  • 2. Trek in The Sahara Desert
  • 3. Camping In Sahara Desert
  • 4. Sleep Under The Stars

The best 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco Itinerary

Day 1:

Mhamid Lahniti

3 Hours walk

Our 3-Days Camel Trekking departure from Mhamid at 9 am with your guides, the Sahrawi nomads. They will accompany you during your Sahara desert trip; the first step for lunch is in the shade of the palm grove, then a break for the meal, and you still have to walk about two hours to reach Lahniti dunes where we will Set up The camp. Enjoy the desert silence watching the sunset and starry sky.

Day 2:

Lahniti Sidi Naji

3 Hours Trek

On the seconde-day; after breakfast, Our 3-day camel trek leaves for a new day of the walk. You will spend then the afternoon on a picnic, And later in the evening overnight camping. You will set the camp (the guide takes care of everything), if you want to ride a little camel, you can enjoy the fact a little before dark.

Day 3:

SidiNaji Mhamid

3 Hours

After breakfast, loading the camel caravan, we reach the magnificent palm grove; lunch stood in the shade of Palm Tree. End your Overnight camel trekking at Mhamid

About 3 Day Camel Trek Morocco
Know Before you go
  • - This Trek can be Start From Marrakech or Other City
  • - This camel trekking can be longer 4 5 Days or more
  • - If you wish to add 4wd desert tour to this camel trek is possible

  • A local team: Camel drivers, cooks, camel caravan
  • Camping equipment (tents nomads, small mattresses, blankets, kitchen)
  • All meals and drinks (water & tea, coffee) in the desert
Not Included
  • Tips
  • Extras