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Night in Mhamid Desert

Camel Trekking and a Night in Mhamid Desert


A Night in Mhamid Desert at the heart of Morocco Sahara dunes for a short stay and for those who wish to travel and opt for an eco-tourism approach. This Morocco camel journey starts in the afternoon from Mhamid; In one of the most gorgeous parts of the best Moroccan Sahara desert. You are transported by the dunes, the nomadic life. Depending on the season, you may meet nomadic families who live a Bedouin life. After your arrival, beautiful sunset. Your dinner and night at the camp.

Please note that you could; Start your Morocco camel trekking tour from Marrakech, Zagora, Casablanca, Ouarzazate, Agadir, Tangier, or from other cities

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 Visiting the Sahara Desert in Mhamid

Magnifique night in Mhamid Desert cross, a unique landscape stretching across much of North Africa, the Morocco Sahara Desert evokes images of sandy dunes and starry skies Night in the Mhamid Desert.

Night in the Mhamid Sahara Desert is an excellent opportunity for tourists in Morocco with a great sense of adventure, providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

M’Hamid El Ghizlane; Formerly named Targala, and by media error target; Is a rural Moroccan commune in the province of Zagora, in the region of Drâa-Tafilalet, located on the edge of the Sahara, on the Algerian-Moroccan borders

A Desert night in the oasis of Mhamid Elghizlane is a rural commune in the southeast of Morocco, belonging to the province of Zagora in the extreme southeast of the region of Souss Massa Draâ. The Wadi Draa crosses the palm grove over a length of 120 km, from Forum Tidri to Criqui National Park. The prevailing climate in Mhamid ElGhizlane is of the Saharan type, characterized by aridity. The vegetation cover of the Mhamid El Ghizlane region consists of plants that withstand heat, cold, and water scarcity well (date palms, Aphylla tamarisk.

Night in Mhamid Desert Highlights

  • 1. Night Under The Stars
  • 2. Camel Trek
  • 3. Camping in Mhamid Sahara desert

Night in Mhamid Desert Itinerary

Day 1:

Mhamid Erg Desert

2 Hours Trek

Start this camel trek for one night in the desert Morocco in the afternoon on the back of the camels deeply in a beautiful part of the Sahara; After you arrive at the dunes, you will enjoy a beautiful sunset. Dinner, local music, and night in a Berber camp under the nomad tents.

Day 2 :

Erg Dunes Mhamid

2 Hours Trek

Start our Camel trek of the night in the desert, after an unforgettable sunrise, rocked by the coolness of the morning, you will enjoy your breakfast in the heart of the dunes. You walk on the sand and start a beautiful day. Turn to M’hamid. Arrival around 10:00 am.

Night in Mhamid Desert
Know Before you go
  • - This camel trekking can be longer 2 3 4 5 Days or more
  • - This Camel Trek can Start from Marrakech or Other cities
  • - If you wish to add 4wd desert tour to this camel trek is possible

  • 1 Night in the desert Morocco
  • A local team, Camel drivers, cooks, camel caravan
  • Camping equipment (tents nomads, small mattresses, blankets, kitchen …)
  • All meals and drinks (water & tea, coffee) in the desert
Not Included
  • Tip